Get some Skin in the Game: Your Best Defence

The biggest organ in the body is your skin. It is your suit of armour, your bullet-proof vest and your first defense-line against infection. Yet, at this time of the year our skin is changing seasons and you might be experiencing dry patches, itching, rashes and break-down. Let’s make skin care simple especially when you can’t go to the spa, salon or Sephora’s.

The skin is also called the epidermis and it covers our scalp, hair and nails. It is made primarily of a tough protein called Keratin. It protects us from extreme cold, damaging sun and harmful chemicals. But even more than that, it produces Vitamin D for strong bones and actually manufactures anti-bacterial substances to prevent infection.  Ok, now that you have had your daily biology lesson, let’s get down to business. 

What’s all this sanitizer doing to my skin?

Sanitizer is a very effective anti-bacterial because of its alcohol properties. Alcohol is very effective at dehydrating your skin because it changes the PH balance.  Dehydrated skin becomes more fragile and can break down. Skin break-downs can lead to minor skin rashes, cuts and dry patches. Dry patches need moisturizing. Moisture your hands after washing with soap and water. And don’t forget, Wash your hands with soap and water. Now, let’s put this to music.!

Use Sanitizer when you don’t have access to water like after you’ve pumped gas or entering and exiting a store.

Photo by Mélissa Jeanty on Unsplash

How do I stop touching my face?

It’s hard. But it is possible. Touching your face in the area of your nose, cheeks and mouth bring potential bacteria closer to a moist entry points – mouth and nostrils. That’s why we have to fight the urge. Why is it so hard for humans to not touch their faces? That good old epidermis is full of sensory nerves that actually like to be touched and they set off chemical reactions that make us feel good. We are very conscious of sensations in our faces like twitches and itches. 

Tips for Stop Touching Your Face:

  1. Use a headset for your phone instead of having your phone next to your face
  2. Fidget with a stress ball, rubbing stone or fidget spinner
  3. Refresh your face with a cool cloth or a splash of water periodically, it will stop the itches. 
  4. Keep your hands busy or folded. Only two positions to remember. 
  5. Chew gum or suck on ice cubes, better than biting nails

News Flash: Coronovirus does not infect people through cuts in the skin, it is a droplet that is transmitted with coughing and sneezing.

Remember, take care of your skin, since Beauty is only Skin Deep and don’t let anxiety and stress Get Under your Skin because we can get through this, there’s More that One way to Skin a Cat, and I’ve Got your Back.

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