We would like to connect you with some related workshops, webinars, seminars and courses that will help each of you ground yourself in deeper wellness concepts.

Podcast: April 2020 University of Toronto

This is a 30 minute podcast on the silver lining that led to the launch of Wellsense. It is an informal discussion with Dr. Julia Alleyne about opportunity, need and action. Wellness Rocks!

#SCBIpodcast: A teaspoon of wellness makes the medicine go down with Dr. Julia Alleyne

wHolistic!™ – Practicing Wellness to Build Resilience

People impacted by Parkinson’s draw upon their resilience every day to navigate life after diagnosis. And if that wasn’t hard enough, now there’s a new disease to worry about, and it’s taking away our ability to exercise, socialize, and cope. Join Julia Alleyne, MD to learn how to build resilience in the face of a pandemic, and what research tells us about the connection between resilience and physical health.