Good morning, as some of you know, I am not a blogger, but a little bird told me that many of you are enjoying my posts and finding them helpful. So, I am committing to you, my friends and your friends and their friends, I will post a daily message until we have found our way through this time and I can then go back to my previous “social distancing” self!

This morning I presented a scheduled class at the University of Toronto but delivered it on Zoom. The title was Exercise Prescription. Through the Chat box I was able to engage the student’s in discussion and with video I could use body language (80% of communication!) and we managed for the most part to turn our minds to a topic other than Mr and Mrs Covid. I said, mostly, there was a question about whether you can exercise amid Covid ? 

The answer is : YES, but….Here’s the logic that leads to the answer. 

How Exercise Boosts Your Immunity

– Exercise is an immune booster, it increases white blood cells and delivers needed oxygen to the lungs and heart. 
– Studies have shown that it reduces the rate of infection and shortens the length of recovery
– Moderate exercise is best – light sweat, warm glow, 20 minute work-out style and still able to sing a phrase while moving
– Prolonged intense exercise (high heart rate, greater than 90 minutes) depresses the immune response and is not advised if your goal is reducing infection

Advice: If you are not ill, do a moderate daily exercise routine. If you are ill, avoid total bed rest, move regularly and practice deep breathing.

How much exercise do you need in a Day?

  • Public health officials recommend regular outdoor walking for 20-30 minutes but by yourself or with your home buddies. 
  • Many yoga and fitness studios are offering online sessions.
  • Stretch and Strengthen type exercises are easy to do at home using home made weights (2 litre plastic pop bottle partially filled with water according to desired weight).
  • Search “Home exercises” and there’s lots going on…You tube, hand-outs, blogs….get on the computer to get off the computer!
  • Stairs and pets are natural exercise machines, let’s use them. 
  • Housecleaning counts as activity- laundry, spring cleaning, windows and closet organizing.
  • Commercial breaks – get up and move at every commercial or show break..we call it accumulated activity and you are aiming for 10,000 steps a day .

As a wise coach once said; “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen!”

Stay active and stay safe. Let’s hear what you’re doing to keep strong and resilient.

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